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TB Joshua (15-January-2015) HERE is the PROOF that PRAYER on TV WORKS. This is a testimony of a WOMAN who PRAYED ON EMMANUEL TV and STOOD UP for her wheel of affliction! DISTANCE IS NOT A BARRIER for you to also receive.

Thursday, 09 January 2020 13:07

Fruit Inspection :: Root Cause - Michael Todd

Michael Todd (June-30-2019) Fruit Inspection :: Root Cause. This message is from our series about the benefits of putting down spiritual roots.

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Sermon Destiny From The Perspective Of Focus by T.D. Jakes. 2015 year.  Bishop T.D Jakes Sermons 2015: Destiny From The Perspective of Focus. T.D Jakes shares insight to help readers play the roles they were designed for. We all have a destiny. Finding the courage to drive past the challenges, pains, and even the shortcuts of life to deeper purpose of living is to thrive in one's divine destiny. Most people have sensed destiny pulling them to just the right place or person. Whether it is the spouse you meet, or the children you bear, or the promotion you receive, everyone has a purpose to pursue. Sometimes it is understanding our destiny that helps us accept what on the surface appears to be failure. In, DESTINY

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