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Joyce Meyer (September-07-2018) Unshakeable Trust: 2017 Annual Report | Enjoying Everyday Life. The world we live in is far from perfect, but we have the privilege of knowing God and sharing His unshakeable love with others around the world. Learn more.

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Pastor Steven Furtick (Desember-04-2017) Never Not Enough. It’s easy to feel like we don’t have enough and even easier to feel like we aren’t enough. But what if our perspective is off? Learn why God’s ability to provide never has to be questioned.

Joyce Meyer (December-31-2018) Unshakeable Trust - 2017 Annual Report. When the world shakes around us, we can still sand in faith. Watch key moments in ministry from 2017 and be reminded of God's great faithfulness.

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Saturday, 16 June 2018 01:03

Judgement Day - John Hagee (May-16-2017)

John Hagee (May-16-2017) Judgement Day. On Judgement Day, God isn’t going to ask you why you didn’t fill up stadiums with believers like Billy Graham did. He’s not going to ask how many millions of dollars you raised for Him, or how many churches you built. He’s going to ask you what you did with what He gave you. He’s going to ask what you did where you live, in your hometown and at work. He’s going to ask what you did with the talents He gave you.

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Tuesday, 14 January 2020 13:00

EX IT Opportunity :: Pastor Michael Todd

Pastor Michael Todd - Sermon: EX IT Opportunity. Pastor Michael brings us a word for the new year about how to "EX" those things which can not go with us into the promised land.

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Saturday, 18 January 2020 11:38

A Special Message from Pastor John Hagee

A Special Message from Pastor Hagee . Thank you President Trump for keeping your promise and standing with Israel

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Pastor Steven Furtick (December-11-2017) Sermon Do You Have The Stones? Being courageous is easier said than done. Discover – not only how to gather your courage – but how to use it.

Pastor Steven Furtick (Desember-24-2017) The Benefit Of The Doubt. We all have our doubts. But what really matters is how we respond to them. In this special Christmas Eve message, discover how to strengthen your faith in the face of doubt.

Steven Furtick - All Systems Go (June-5-2017). Do our past bad decisions ruin our chance for a better future? How do we even know when we’re on the right track? Discover how God can use both the good and the bad in your life to direct your paths.

Pastor Steven Furtick - The Power of Pre (January-23-2017)

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