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Sunday, 27 September 2015 06:49

Dare To Believe - Part 1 - Joyce Meyer

Sermon Dare To Believe - Part 1 by Joyce Meyer online. In sermon Dare To Believe Joyce Meyer talks about daring to believe God. She says that whether your situation changes or not, believing in God is a win/win proposition. Joyce shows you why you can be thankful for God’s blessings He has for you while you’re still living.


Why Tithing Isn’t For Everyone - Joseph Prince.

What’s the real deal behind tithing and why is a right revelation of it so important? In this compelling message preached at Hillsong London, Joseph Prince shows you from the Scriptures what it means to tithe under the high priesthood of Jesus and how tithing is God’s system to keep you and your future generations provided for. Discover the heart with which God wants us to tithe, and how ...

Sunday, 27 September 2015 04:33

God’s Promise To Prosper You - Jerry Savelle

In sermon God’s Promise To Prosper You - Jerry Savelle talks about God’s promise to prosper you. He says that God does want you to prosper to build His Kingdom. Jerry shows you through scripture the biblical reasons for prosperity and the promises God has made to prosper and provide for you.


Join Kenneth Copeland and Jerry Savelle all week for an exciting study in God’s Word and God’s healing anointing. This is the entire week in one program.

Sunday, 07 October 2018 02:49

You’ve Already Got It - Andrew Wommack

Andrew Wommack - You've Already Got It - Part 1 (Phoenix Gospel Truth Seminar 2013)
For over four decades, Andrew has traveled America and the world teaching the truth of the Gospel.His profound revelation of the Word of God is taught with clarity and simplicity, emphasizing God's unconditional love and the balance between grace and faith. He reaches millions of people through the daily Gospel Truth radio and television programs, broadcas...

Many misunderstand stewardship. When they read or hear that word they think of hard work or obligation. In fact, the truth is just the opposite. As you will learn, seeing yourself as a steward of God's resources is the only way to true financial freedom.
In this powerful book Andrew addresses many of the sensitive issues regarding money. He defines God's stewardship, the first steps to financial prosperity, the parable of the unjust stewa...

Thursday, 31 January 2019 13:57

Supply and Demand - TD Jakes (January-31-2019)

In this sermon Bishop TD Jakes talks about supply and demand. He says that your life should not be about purely existing. Bishop shows you how to resist just existing and instead, have a life full of abundance as promised by Jesus.

Thursday, 21 February 2019 13:58

Feed What Feeds You - TD Jakes

In this video sermon Bishop TD Jakes talks about feeding what feeds you. He says that you are to bless what blesses you, to feed what is feeding you, and pour into what is pouring into you. Bishop shows you God’s secret to cycles in your life.

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