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A & Ω Productions (January 10, 2019) - There Will Be NO MORE: Death, War, Terrorism, Suffer, Sickness, Depression, Hunger, Addiction.. Speaker: Charles Lawson


T.B. Joshua (May 24, 2018) - The Lady Who Eats Biscuits Dipped In KEROSENE! What you are about to watch is pretty revolting... What on earth could prompt such a shocking, nauseating addiction? A young lady sniffing, then munching snacks drenched in the toxic substance of kerosene. Evil was at work but God had the final say! "Every spirit of addiction - LOOSE your grip, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ!" - T.B. Joshua


Praise Report Mar.07 2018 —Delivered from Addiction and Serving God with Confidence - Joseph Prince.  “God is not angry with me.” That revelation changed Ariel's life. Hear his encouraging story in this video.


In sermon A Savior Greater Than All Our Sins Joseph Prince talks about a Saviour greater than your sins. He says that Jesus is a greater Saviour than you are a sinner. Joseph Prince shows you how easy it is to be saved, because Jesus did the hard part for you at the cross.


Joyce Meyer (March-25-2019) Sermon: Soul Poisons and Antidotes - Part 1. In this video Joyce Meyer talks about soul poisons and antidotes. She says that whatever is ailing your soul, God’s Word has the cure. Joyce shows you the healing power in God’s prescription plan. Joyce explains how God heals our souls and shares one woman's powerful story about overcoming the pain and trauma caused by sexual assault.

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