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Amir Tsarfati - Watch Sermon: The Watchman - Behold Israel. Every believer has been tasked with the role of a watchman, but not every believer owns it. From understanding the times in which we live, to taking a biblical approach to controversial situations, the watchman is held to a very high standard. What does it mean to be a biblical watchman? What practical steps can we take to ensure we're reflecting the Word of God in all that we do? Join Pastor Mike Golay as he provides application and encouragement for this crucial responsibility.

Behold Israel News - Jews Worldwide are Set to Observe Yom HaShoah Beginning Wednesday Evening

The observance of Holocaust Remembrance Day (Yom HaShoah) will begin on Wednesday evening in Israel and will be observed by Jews around the world. Yom HaShoah is committed to commemorating the millions of Jewish lives lost throughout the Holocaust that took place during World War II.

Holocaust Remembrance Day, or Yom HaShoah יום השואה, is set to begin on Wednesday evening as the Jewish community in Israel and abroad remembers the horrific events and lives lost throughout the Holocaust of the 1930s and 1940s. Over six million members of the Jewish community were killed under the Nazi regime headed by the notorious Adolf Hitler, of which more than 1.5 million were children.

As noted by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM):

“Driven by a racist ideology that viewed Jews as “parasitic vermin” worthy only of eradication, the Nazis implemented genocide on an unprecedented scale. All of Europe’s Jews were slated for destruction: the sick and the healthy, the rich and the poor, the religiously orthodox and converts to Christianity, the aged and the young, even infants. Thousands of Jewish children survived this brutal carnage, however, many because they were hidden. With identities disguised and often physically concealed from the outside world, these youngsters faced constant fear, dilemmas, and danger. Theirs was a life in shadows, where a careless remark, a denunciation, or the murmurings of inquisitive neighbors could lead to discovery and death.”
Yom HaShoah means “day of remembrance of the Catastrophe and the Heroism.” You will note that this day of remembrance, one of the most sacred days on the Jewish calendar, begins on the 27th of Nisan on the Hebrew calendar. This was the date Jewish resistance fighters began a revolt against the Nazis in 1943 at the Warsaw Ghetto in an attempt to make a stand and prevent more Jews from being transported to death camps. It was a statement of freedom.

Often, Yom HaShoah will be observed by reviewing stories of those who survived the Holocaust. Some people will even light candles in memory of those who died. It is also a tradition for Israel to sound a siren throughout the country at 10:00 AM (Thursday) that brings everyone to a stop for two minutes. Even vehicles on the highway will stop, and the driver will get out of the car to join others in honoring the victims. Flags around Israel will be lowered to half-mast.

Among other events that will take place at Yad Vashem – the official Holocaust memorial site in Jerusalem – there will be a wreath-laying ceremony. Additionally, other observances will take place at Safra Square in Jerusalem. Venues that typically facilitate public entertainment will be closed.

Suppose you ever have an opportunity to visit Yad Vashem. In that case, you will note that there are several different exhibits that provide a historical account of what took place during one of the world’s darkest hours. One of these exhibits, the Children’s Memorial, offers a continuous recording that lists the “names of murdered children, their ages and countries of origin” one by one.

Undoubtedly, you will experience an eerie feeling as you’re confronted with the reality of how evil the heart of man truly is.

Behold Israel News - Israeli Ambassador to UN Warns of Growing Iranian Terror Proxy Threats

The United Nations Security Council (UNSC) received warnings from Israel’s ambassador to the UN, Gilad Erdan, regarding weaponry advancements related to Iran’s Lebanon-based terror proxy, Hezbollah; Erdan: The developments “threaten the peace and security of Israel and Lebanon, as well as the region as a whole.”

Israeli Ambassador to the UN Gilad Erdan recently addressed several of the Jewish State’s concerns before the UNSC, related explicitly to Iranian activity north of Israel’s border. Erdan cited Hezbollah’s pursuit of explosive drones and precision-guided missiles (PGM) as evidence that the Islamic Republic continues to destabilize the region. Hezbollah, which is based in Lebanon, is one of Tehran’s many terror proxies in the area.

In February, Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah touted the group’s “advanced capabilities in self-production of drones, and its acquired ability to convert rockets into Precision-Guided Missiles (PGM).”

During his address to the UNSC, Erdan warned that Hezbollah’s recent developments “threaten the peace and security of Israel and Lebanon, as well as the region as a whole.” He stated that the “efforts by Hezbollah to obtain advanced weapon systems, including UAVs and Precision-Guided Missiles, underline a troubling reality on the ground.”

As he concluded several other remarks concerning Iran, the ambassador said, “It is clear that Hezbollah, the Iranian proxy in Lebanon, serves as a tool to advance Iran’s agenda and quest for regional hegemony.”

Israel has intercepted many drones close to its northern border over the last several months. Furthermore, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) conducted military drills during the winter in preparation for an imminent war with Hezbollah.

Read Behold Israel News - Archeologists in Israel Discover 1,500-Year-Old Inscription – “Christ, born of Mary…”

Archeologists revealed earlier this week that they had discovered the inscription on a stone dating back nearly 1,500 years; the artifact was uncovered in northern Israel’s Jezreel Valley.

A stone etched with the words “Christ, born of Mary…” was discovered in northern Israel earlier this week as archaeologists continued to excavate at a site located in et-Taiyiba (Taiba), which resides in the Jezreel Valley. The church where the stone was found is well-believed to have been constructed during the Byzantine Empire, making this artifact approximately 1,500 years old.

According to at least one source, the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) reported the discovery on Wednesday.

The lettering on the stone, which is believed to have originally been part of a doorway lintel in the church, is inscribed in Greek and was likely part of a greeting upon entering the structure; a greeting that was commonly used in that era. Furthermore, Leah Di-Segni, a researcher out of the Institute of Archeology at Hebrew University in Jerusalem, suggests that it was likely inscribed during the foundational stages.

She also revealed that the full inscription reads, “Christ born of Mary. This work of the most God-fearing and pious bishop [Theodo]sius and the miserable Th[omas] was built from the foundation…Whoever enters should pray for them.”

Walid Atrash of the IAA added, told The Times of Israel that “The importance of the inscription is that until now we didn’t know for certain that there were churches from this period in this area.” He added, “This is the first evidence of the Byzantine church’s existence in the village of et-Taiyiba and it adds to other finds attesting to the activities of Christians who lived in the region.”

Theodosius was the Beit She’an regional archbishop during the end of the 5th century, and the mention of his partial name in the inscription provided the archaeologists with extremely accurate dating.

  • Psalm 85:11 - Truth shall spring out of the earth, And righteousness shall look down from heaven.

Link - https://beholdisrael.org/archeologists-in-israel-discover-1500-year-old-inscription-christ-born-of-mary

Read Behold Israel News - Pro-Government Yemeni Fighters Retake Key Province from Houthi Rebels

As the Yemeni Civil War continues, pro-government fighters have reported the recent reclaiming of a key province from the Houthi Rebel militias; Control of the province reportedly took place after ten days of fighting.

According to pro-government Yemeni fighters, they have recently regained control of the Shabwa Province, which is crucial, especially regarding energy resources. Additionally, the soldiers continue to battle for control over Marib, which is considered one of the major strongholds of the pro-government military.

The fighters have received significant help from Saudi coalition military groups in recent weeks, and their assistance has changed the direction of the war. The coalition forces have reported strikes that killed dozens of Houthi fighters multiple times over the last couple of months.

Iran, the world’s number one sponsor of terror, funds the Houthis. On several occasions, vessels transferring weapons from the Islamic Republic to Yemen have been stopped and deterred by US Naval ships in the region.

The Yemeni Civil War, which began in 2014, remains the world’s largest humanitarian disaster. Nearly a quarter of a million people have been killed – thousands of civilians – and between 3-4 million have been displaced.

Link - https://beholdisrael.org/pro-government-yemeni-fighters-retake-key-province-from-houthi-rebels

Behold Israel News - Iran Launches Three New Satellites into Space for Research Purposes - Amir Tsarfati

According to reports, the purpose of sending the satellites into space is research-related; Hosseini: The country is seeking to build solid-fuel satellite carriers shortly.

On Thursday, Iran released video evidence that it sent three new satellites into space this week via the Simorgh space-launch vehicle (SLV), claiming they will be used for research purposes. According to Iran’s Defense Ministry, the rocket launch carried “research payloads” that are expected to reach an altitude of 470 kilometers (292 miles).

One Iranian state media outlet boasted that the launch revealed Iran’s “indigenous space capability and the ability to launch small satellites.” The outlet reported that it also displayed “the development of launchers with higher capabilities, the design and development of Imam Khomeini space center, and the satellite on Simorgh, included in the country’s space industry program.”

As noted by The Jerusalem Post, the Iranians have been increasingly developing their space program in recent years. One source even added that the Republic is hoping to produce “solid-fuel satellite carriers” soon.

The alleged research launch comes at a time when nuclear talks between Tehran and the international community remain underway.

Link- https://beholdisrael.org/iran-launches-three-new-satellites-into-space-for-research-purposes/

Behold Israel News - Israeli Strike Rocks Latakia Port in Syria Overnight

Latakia Port, which is located along the Mediterranean coast, was hit by an alleged Israeli strike overnight on Monday; The same area was hit just weeks ago after Iranian military assets arrived in Syria, but this week’s attack is believed to be of far greater consequence.

In what is believed to have been targeting another shipment of Iranian weapons to Syria, an alleged Israeli airstrike hit the Latakia Port overnight on Monday, rocking the area. Secondary explosions and the fires that followed could be seen in videos on social media. According to some initial reports, Monday night’s strike was significantly greater than the attack at the same port just weeks ago.

At least one source even revealed that the explosions could be heard up to 50 miles away. The fires remained hours into the morning on Tuesday due to continued munitions explosions. According to Syrian state media, the strike caused “massive material damage.”

Furthermore, the shipping containers that were hit in the strike reportedly carried various weapons, military vehicles, and components for advanced missiles. It is believed these items were en route to Hezbollah in Lebanon.

The latest reports do not indicate any injuries or casualties. Israel has not commented on the strike.

Link - https://beholdisrael.org/israeli-strike-rocks-latakia-port-in-syria-overnight

Behold Israel News (December-28-2021) Terror Groups in Gaza Begin Military Drill in Preparation for Possible Conflict with Israel

The groups allegedly began a military drill after mediation attempts with the Jewish State failed; According to at least one source, approximately a dozen different terror organizations are participating in the drill.

After alleged mediation attempts between the Jewish State and several terror groups in Gaza failed, the groups reportedly began partnering in a large-scale military drill early this week. Sources report that approximately a dozen different terror organizations are participating in the event, which is taking place as tensions rise with Israel.

According to the groups involved, the joint military drill aims to prepare for any potential confrontation with Israel. The exercise itself will last for several days.

Hamas, which has a longstanding reputation for carrying out attacks in Israel, called for increased aggression from other terror proxies. In May of 2021, Hamas launched close to 6,000 rockets into Israel, most of which were intercepted by Iron Dome.

Link - https://beholdisrael.org/terror-groups-in-gaza-begin-military-drill-in-preparation-for-possible-conflict-with-israel

Behold Israel News December-21-2021 - The Islamic Republic Facilitates Air Defense Drills Near Nuclear Site Amid Concern of Strikes

Amid concerns of an enemy attack on any given nuclear site inside of Iran, the regime conducted an alleged air defense test at the Bushehr nuclear plant early this week; Iranian official warns of devastating response should the Jewish State attack any sites.

Following reports of loud sounds near the Islamic Republic’s Bushehr nuclear plant on Monday, officials claimed that the noises were connected to air defense drills. According to a report by The Jerusalem Post, the deputy governor of Bushehr further validated to the public that a military test took place in the early hours of the day.

Deputy Governor Mohammad-Taqi Irani reported, “This exercise took place at 5 a.m. local time with full preparation and coordination with the armed forces.”

It is believed that the regime facilitated the test in preparation for future enemy strikes on Iran’s nuclear program, mainly because multiple countries, as of recently, have been considering a military response should nuclear talks in Vienna fail. The two primary countries are Israel and the United States.

One senior commander for the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) issued a warning should Israel attack an Iranian nuclear site. He said, “If Israel carries out attacks against Iran, our armed forces will immediately attack all centres, bases, routes, and spaces used to carry out the aggression.”

An unexpected blast was reported near the Natanz nuclear facility just weeks ago, leaving behind a significant amount of speculation. Following the event, Tehran disabled the internet throughout the country.

Link - https://beholdisrael.org/the-islamic-republic-facilitates-air-defense-drills-near-nuclear-site-amid-concern-of-strikes

Behold Israel News (December-18-2021) Ukrainian Ambassador Hints at Coming Recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital

The Ukrainian ambassador to Israel revealed this week that the country is certain to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel shortly, accompanied by the opening of an embassy; Korniychuk: As soon as I get permission, I will do it immediately.

In another blow to the Palestinian agenda by the international community, Ukrainian Ambassador to Israel Yevgen Korniychuk revealed this week that Ukraine is undoubtedly moving towards recognizing Jerusalem as the “one and only” capital of Israel. The comments from the ambassador reportedly surfaced at a recent event celebrating the 30 years of friendship between the two countries.

One source reported that the ambassador even said, “No foreign minister or ambassador can call Jerusalem anything but the capital of Israel.”

According to multiple sources, Korniychuk said, “Recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel is a matter of months, not years.” Furthermore, concerning the possibility of Ukraine opening an embassy in Jerusalem, he added, “As soon as I get permission, I will do it immediately.”

After the Trump administration formally recognized Jerusalem as the capital in 2017, several European countries opposed the move in fear of jeopardizing relations with the Palestinians.

Link - https://beholdisrael.org/ukrainian-ambassador-hints-at-coming-recognition-of-jerusalem-as-israels-capital

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