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Derek Prince - Bible Study: Multitudes Of Christians Are Asleep.

As Christians we need to be aligned with God's purpose (the coming of His Kingdom). That means we need to come into action. We can't afford to be sleeping on the job.

The prophet Jonah was disobedient to God's calling on his life. He turned his back on God and he didn't align with God's purpose for Nineveh. Eventually he was sleeping in the ship, escaping his duties, sailing in the opposite direction.
Bible teacher Derek Prince points out that there are a lot of Jonah's in the world today. People who know perfectly well, that God has called them. However, they're fast asleep in their boats. Are you one of them?

Jesus teaches us to seek first the Kingdom of God. The world is in turmoil, just like the sea in the story of Jonah. Man can't solve this storm by himself. We would like to build our own kingdom to solve these problems. But that's useless. We need to be alined with God's purposes, seek His Kingdom first. But how do we seek this Kingdom? And how can we commit to this Kingdom of God? Derek happend to be a teacher and his teaching reached practically every nation on earth. That's the practical outworking in his life. You are called by God to do something else, but are you alined to that purpose, that calling on your life right now?

Are you aligned with God's purpose or are you fast asleep in the boat? 

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Christian Motivation - The Danger Of Being A Luke Warm Christian!

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Ask TB Joshua (April-20-2020) CAN A REAL CHRISTIAN COMMIT SIN?

1 John 3:9 says "no one who is born of God will continue to sin..." - but does that mean a genuine Christian cannot commit sin or make a mistake?

A sensitive topic requires Scriptural clarity! Join Prophet TB Joshua to learn to hear what God's Word says about this vital topic in this question and answer session on sin and mistakes at the Emmanuel TV Studios.

“Can we keep sinning and expect God’s grace? Absolutely not! The devil is at work. The devil wants us to curse God while under pain, while still under trouble, hardship. Those who bless God in trouble, in pain, prove their sonship.” – TB Joshua

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TB Joshua (April-13-2020) Easter Message: WHAT IT MEANS TO BE A CHRISTIAN.

"Here is the challenge: You can attend church and not be a Christian. You can read the Bible and not be a Christian. You can eliminate bad habits and try to be a moral person and still not be a Christian. All these habits are good but the action alone does not make a person Christian. Who is a Christian then?"

Learn about what it really means to be a Christian in this special Easter message from Prophet TB Joshua at the Emmanuel TV Studios (at 17:37)! Also included is a powerful time of prayer, insight into TB Joshua's habits for good health and a discussion about the meaning of Easter and the Scriptural significance of the time we are in with Yinka, Chris, Racine and Angela. Be blessed as you watch - in Jesus' name!

"Through our faith in Jesus Christ, we receive His righteousness, we receive forgiveness of our sin and the gift of eternal life.” - TB Joshua

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I just became a Christian What now? - Frank Turek

Frank Turek - I just became a Christian What now?

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TB Joshua (November-04-2019) Sermon: HOW TO KNOW YOU ARE A CHRISTIAN! Are you a Christian? Learn the simple secret behind knowing those who are genuine Christians in this short but incisive sermon at The SCOAN with TB Joshua titled, 'The Issue Of Believing'. "If you examine your life, you can know how much faith you have. As long as you have faith, God will work for you!" - TB Joshua

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Joyce Meyer (July-21-2019) Motivation: I Am An Alien From Christian Planet. The Bible says we are to be in the world, but not of the world. So how do you be a blessing to those you know, that need to know what you know?

Joyce Meyer (July-26-2019) Sermon: Fight Like a Christian - Part 4. No matter what you've been through, God is with you! Joyce shares how to go from angry and frustrated to having an emotionally healthy, enjoyable life!

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Joyce Meyer (July-25-2019) Sermon: Fight Like a Christian - Part 3. How can you remain peaceful when people and circumstances make you upset? Today, learn how to cultivate spiritual self-control.

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Joyce Meyer (July-23-2019) Sermon: Fight Like a Christian - Part 2. What should you do when something makes you angry, upset or outright mad? Today, Joyce shares biblical principles to help you overcome.

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