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David Oyedepo (01/July/2018) DOMI INC Sunday Service - Covenant Day of Rescue Service - Live Stream. This was the Divine mandate received from the LORD: “The hour has come to liberate the world from all oppressions of the devil through the preaching of the word of faith, and I am sending you to undertake this task.” Today, testimonies of liberation through our messages, books, tapes, magazines and other periodicals are most humbling. The ...

WATCH NOW Live Stream (Jun 28, 2018) - David Oyedepo Ministries - DOMI INC: Covenant Hour of Prayer. 


Gloria Copeland, George Pearsons Live Stream (Jun 27, 2018) - Our Covenant of Protection Part 1


Why Tithing Isn’t For Everyone - Joseph Prince.

What’s the real deal behind tithing and why is a right revelation of it so important? In this compelling message preached at Hillsong London, Joseph Prince shows you from the Scriptures what it means to tithe under the high priesthood of Jesus and how tithing is God’s system to keep you and your future generations provided for. Discover the heart with which God wants us to tithe, and how ...

In sermon Are There Commandments Under Grace? - Joseph Prince talks about commandments under grace. He says that because the cross has made all the difference, there are commandments that are not about you doing, but simply believing how much God loves you as demonstrated through the cross of Jesus. Joseph shows you how a revelation of God’s love is key to loving God and your fellow man and living successfully as a Christian.

What does...

Sermon His Resurrection - Proof Of Your Righteousness by Joseph Prince. In this sermon Joseph Prince talks about Jesus’ resurrection. He says that you can enjoy boldness and peace every day when you know you are righteous in God’s sight. Joseph shows you how this righteousness you have is freely given to those in Christ and cannot be forfeited by your failures.


Get ready for an incredible year of God’s restoration! Join Joseph Prince for an exciting time in God’s Word as he shows you God’s heart to restore to you all that the enemy has stolen. Whether it’s wasted years, emotional turmoil, a slowing mind, or a chronic condition, God can restore whatever you’ve lost—and He’ll do it for you in greater quantity or quality! Instead of saying that it can’t be done, start saying, “God, restore!” because His...

In Sermon - What Are You Focused On - Joyce Meyer talks about what you are focusing on. She says that you need to seek God’s face, not just His hand. Joyce shows you that if you do that, you’ll receive more than just blessings.

Monday, 23 February 2015 12:29

Hebrews Highlights - Andrew Wommack

Andrew Wommack - Hebrews Highlights (Ep 1) - Gospel Truth (23.09.2013)
Our approach to God under the New Covenant is completely different than under the Old. Most believers haven't understood that; they still mix the old with the new, and it's the reason they aren't victorious. Hebrews was written to address this issue.

Sunday, 07 October 2018 01:49

You’ve Already Got It - Andrew Wommack

Andrew Wommack - You've Already Got It - Part 1 (Phoenix Gospel Truth Seminar 2013)
For over four decades, Andrew has traveled America and the world teaching the truth of the Gospel.His profound revelation of the Word of God is taught with clarity and simplicity, emphasizing God's unconditional love and the balance between grace and faith. He reaches millions of people through the daily Gospel Truth radio and television programs, broadcas...

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