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Jentezen Franklin (March-29-2020) Sermon: Choosing Faith Over Fear. This is "Choosing Faith Over Fear." I delivered this message to an empty sanctuary, yet thousands of people, including President Trump, joined us online. This is, undoubtedly, unprecedented times we are facing, but God is unchanging. The commandment given most often in the Bible is “Fear not,” and it’s coupled with the promise, “For I am with you.” I’m praying for an infusion of faith across our nation. Join me in continued prayer for those who are suffering, and for a swift end to this novel coronavirus sweeping our world.

Rick Warren (March-29-2020) Sermon:  A Faith That Makes Tough Choices Easier

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Saturday, 28 March 2020 13:04

Stay in Faith! - Bill Winston (March-28-2020)

Bill Winston (March-28-2020) Message: Stay in Faith!

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Jesse Duplantis & Kevin Zadai (March-27-2020) Sermon: Faith Instead of Fear

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Andrew's Live Bible Study (March-26-2020) Faith Over Fear Series - Finances - Paul Milligan and Billy Epperhart.

Now is the time for the Body of Christ to shine in the midst of confusion and fear! That is why we are bringing together top Christian leaders, from business professionals to pastors, for a series of #FaithOverFear live streams that you don’t want to miss.

Tonight, we will be discussing how to trust God with your finances no matter what impact the Coronavirus has on the economy. Tune in and be blessed!

Jesse Duplantis (March-26-2020) Sermon: Faith the Facts: Keep the Faith for Your Finances. In this episode, Jesse shares how to keep God as your source during times of financial uncertainty.

A Faith That Handles Difficulties - Rick Warren (March-25-2020).

T.D Jakes (March-25-2020) Sermon: Finding Freedom The faith to Forgive - Part-3 

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Jesse Duplantis (March-23-2020) Sermon: I've Tested Positive For Faith! Get ready to be filled with hope as Jesse shares his latest message on the coronavirus outbreak.

Christian Motivation - Always Choose To Have Faith Over Fear! How do you have faith in the middle of a difficult season. This video will inspire you to believe that God is able to take your fears and turn them into hope and faith!

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