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Kenneth Copeland (September-16-2019) Sermon: Angels Work to Minister Your Healing. Did you know an angel could be a hands-on part of your healing? Watch Kenneth Copeland on Believer’s Voice of Victory as he shares powerful stories about angels that ministered healing to God’s people in a supernatural way. Learn why we can expect angels to minister healing to us!


Joyce Meyer (September-15-2019) Daily Devotion: Receive God's Healing and Restoration.

If you are struggling with emotional distress or a broken heart, God wants to renew your mind, restore your soul, and give you a fresh start.

I don’t know your circumstances, past or present, but you may have hurts that are holding you back and keeping you captive.

I know firsthand how that feels. But I also know what it’s like to be ...

Joseph Prince (September-15-2019) Sermon: The healing power of the holy communion


Kenneth Copeland (Sepember-15-2019) Sermon: Different Ways to Receive Healing. God chose 19 different healings to share in His WORD! Join Kenneth Copeland on Believer’s Voice of Victory as he shares powerful testimonies about recent healings that display the different ways to receive healing. The common thread in each of them? Faith!


Joyce Meyer (September-13-2019) Motivation: Do You Need Healing? If you need healing, begin saying and believing this every day!


Matt Hagee & Jentezen Franklin (September-13-2019) The Power of Hope and Healing. Senior Pastor of Free Chapel Church, and New York Times best-selling author, Jentezen Franklin, shares his testimony of hope, healing, and
forgiveness from his book, "Love Like You've Never Been Hurt: Hope, Healing and the Power of an Open Heart".


Joseph Prince (September-13-2019) Message: The price for your healing has already been paid.

Are you trusting the Lord for healing today? Whether it's healing for a common cold or healing for a long-term condition, we pray that the truths shared in this video will set you free.

The pain you’re struggling with and the feelings of discomfort are real but your healing will not come from you focusing on your condition. Today we pra...



Joseph Prince (August-28-2019) Sermon: Enjoy The Healing Presence Of The Lord Through The Holy Communion. Experience the Lord’s healing presence at A Night of Worship USA Tour in your city this October! Enjoy a fresh wave of the Lord’s healing and divine health as you join Joseph Prince in a powerful time of receiving the holy Communion during the event.


Joseph Prince (August-26-2019) Daily Devotion: HEALTHIER, STRONGER EACH DAY.

Acts 2:46 - So continuing daily with one accord in the temple, and breaking bread from house to house, they ate their food with gladness and simplicity of heart,

Back then in the early church, Christians would meet each other every day, either corporately in the temple or from house to house in smaller groups. And when they met in th...

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