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Pastor Benny Hinn (September-19-2019) Sermon: Shares from His Heart. In this special time with his Son-in-law Michael Koulianos, Pastor Benny Hinn shares from the heart things he has never publicly shared. You won't want to miss this video.


Bill Johnson (September-12-2019) Sermon: The Burning Heart of a Church 


Charles Stanley (September-12-2019) Daily Devotion: Receiving the Desire of Our Heart.

Do you understand how Satan works to bring down believers? Although we may think of his attacks as external, the real battleground is in the realm of ideas. If he can get a church to believe erroneous doctrines, unbiblical philosophies, and false assumptions about God, he can lead it away from the truth and into error.

And the Enemy uses this...

Protect Your Heart From Offense - Victoria Osteen (September-10-2019). As long as we live, we have to protect our heart against offenses. Unfair things happen, and people let us down and say things that hurt our feelings. These offenses try to take up residency in our heart, and if they do, they produce resentment, bitterness and unforgiveness. Proverbs 17:9 says, “He who covers and forgives an offense seeks love.” You have to cover that...

Kenneth Copeland (September-02-2019) Sermon: The WORD of God Produces Faith in Your Heart. Watch Kenneth Copeland on the Believer’s Voice of Victory broadcast as he reveals how The WORD of God produces faith in your heart. Faith comes by hearing The WORD of God. Believing, claiming and confessing His promises will produce a spiritual harvest. 


Todd White (July-28-2019) Sermon: The Heart of Evangelism 


Music Video - UNITED by Music: Whole Heart (Hold Me Now). We got together with our friends at Spotify to tell the stories behind some of our favourite songs from our album People and record brand new live acoustic versions in the Spotify exclusive series, UNITED By Music.

John Hagee (July-18-2019) Sermon: Blessed are the Pure in Heart.

Pastor John Hagee says that to be “pure in heart” means to be single minded, focused. It doesn’t mean to be narrow minded or exclusive of others who are not Christian. It means to pursue your God-given dreams and goals with a sincere passion.

The unfocused life produces an unsuccessful life. You can be anything you want to be, but you can’t be everything. This pow...

TB Joshua Ministries (June-23-2019) TAKE HEART!!! A Heavenly Inspired Message That Will Help You Overcome!. Has the spirit of fear affected your life? Many biblical characters had moments of doubt and fear. However, they saw the need to receive help from above to make their faith stronger. If you're ready to overcome fear listen to this Heavenly inspired message from Prophet Racine titled, "Take Heart" - 


Joyce Meyer (May-29-2019) Motivation: The Forgiving Heart. Having a heart full of unforgiveness can hinder your relationship with God.

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