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Joyce Meyer (May-01-2019) Daily Devotion: The Best Thing for You.

We all have different gifts, but we shouldn’t compare or be jealous of the gifts of others.

I remember hearing one preacher talk of how often he saw Jesus. I had never seen Jesus, so I wondered what was wrong with me.

Another person I knew prayed four hours every morning. I could not find enough to pray about to keep praying for four hours and always ende...

Benny Hinn - Sermon: With God All Things Are Possible. On today’s program you’ll experience a mighty move of God during a recent Benny Hinn Miracle Service. Uplifting worship sets the tone for specific Words of Knowledge directed at both those in the service and watching at home. Testimonies corresponding to Pastor Benny’s declarations are given by those in attendance, and no doubt many around the world will receive their healing as well durin...

Kenneth Copeland (June-05-2018) 101 Things God Says About Healing. Watch Kenneth and Gloria Copeland on Believer’s Voice of Victory as they share 101 things God says about healing. Learn how grace provided healing, but faith appropriates healing. Sickness is satanic bondage, and you should be loosed today!


Joyce Meyer (June-12-2019) Sermon: Focus on the Positive Things in Life. God wants us to enjoy life! Learn how you can be a more positive, faith-filled person no matter what your circumstances may be.


Joseph Prince (20 February 2011) Make Grace The Principal Thing, Cast Out Hagar (The Law). Revisit the story of Abraham, Sarah and Hagar with new eyes! Join Joseph Prince as he unfolds the drama, characters and events as typologies in this in-depth study of grace versus law. Learn why we must cast out "Hagar" (the law) in our lives and make "Sarah" (grace) the principal thing. See also Jesus' heart of love in wanting to deal with us based...

Rick Renner - March 10 2018: First Things First!. Make it your goal to let God establish you and work these ingredients into your life so He can afterward put His hand on you and thereby anoint you for greater assignments.


Gloria Copeland - One Thing Is Needed (04-03-2018). Jesus isn’t looking for "amazability," He’s looking for availability. Watch Gloria Copeland and Kellie Copeland on Believer’s Voice of Victory to discover only one thing is needed--time in God’s presence.


TD Jakes (May-14-2019) Sermon: Little Things - The Potter's House


The sermon "40 Things the Word Does for You!" by Joyce Meyer (online).

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