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Your Time Is Now - Tony Evans Sermon (July-17-2019).  Every time we get ready to do something important, it seems like everything starts to fall apart. When it comes to spiritual preparation, Satan stands in the wings ready to wage war against our efforts. But as Tony Evans points out, God’s perfect timing uses the strategies of Satan against him and works them in our favor.


Kenneth Copeland (May-30-2019) Sermon: The Authority of the Believer in Times of Crisis. Jesus has all authority, and He has given that authority to you! Watch Kenneth Copeland (as previously aired) on Believer’s Voice of Victory, as he reveals how the authority of the believer in times of crisis will bring victory. Learn how to use your authority!


Joyce Meyer (May-16-2019) Sermon: It's Time to Push - Part 2. Joyce shares what it means to be faithful and how we can display this Fruit of the Spirit outwardly in our lives.


Joyce Meyer (May-15-2019) Sermon: It's Time to Push - Part 1. Ever feel frustrated about the direction you're headed in life? Today, Joyce shares wisdom to help you get back on the right track.


Joyce Meyer (April-09-2019) Sermon: Its Time For Your Break Through.

Blessed Sermon from our Pastor Joyce Meyer


Joyce Meyer (April-02-2019) Daily Devotion: Trust God Through the Hard Times.

Often when we think of trusting God, we think of trusting Him for things we need or want—financial provision, physical healing, the restoration of a relationship, or a promotion at work. A true relationship of trust in God extends beyond trusting Him for something and includes trusting Him through a situation. We need to learn to not simply look to Him for th...

Joyce Meyer (February-12-2019) Sermon: Don't Waste Your Time. Blessed Sermon from our Pastor Joyce Meyer

Wednesday, 06 February 2019 01:04

It Takes Time - Joyce Meyer (February-06-2019)

Joyce Meyer (February-06-2019) Sermon: It Takes Time. Blessed Sermon from our Pastor Joyce Meyer It Takes Time


God Can Redeem the Time - Devotional by Tony Evans (January-31-2019). Do you ever feel like God is taking too long to respond to your situation? Tony Evans encourages us to rest—to pause—and to pray for God's perspective. Though we are limited, God is not limited, and He can redeem the time.


Charles Stanley (January-15-2019) Radio Sermon: WE ARE IN THE END TIMES

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