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Ask Charles Stanley (July-20-2019) Why do I suffer for Adam and Eve's sin? This age-old question is asked of Dr. Charles Stanley. Hear his biblical response.


Why did God create the tree when he knew Adam & Eve would disobey? - Frank Turek (May-31-2019). On free will and the choice of Adam and Eve to disobey God.


Joseph Prince (May-18-2019) Sermon: Jesus' Righteousness Is Greater Than Adam's Sin. What Jesus did on the cross to make you righteous will always be greater than what Adam did in the garden that made you a sinner! So which will you be conscious of today? Be blown away as Joseph Prince shows how the superior work of Christ has won for you an everlasting righteousness that cannot be undone by your failures and mistakes. Get the truth also...

Genealogy from Adam to Jesus Tells this Amazing Story. Who can question the Bible after something like this?


Kent Hovind (3-7-2018) - More Questions and Answers- why did Adam live to be 930?

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