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Kenneth Copeland Ministries (Oct 2, 2018) - ABC News Correspondent Adrienne Bankert Followed Her Dreams.  ABC News Correspondent Adrienne Bankert understands how important it is to follow your dreams. For years, she had the dream of working in national television. She had a successful career in local television in Sacramento, Dallas and Los Angeles, but she couldn’t get away from the dream she had to work in New York on a national level. She knew the day would come when she would follow that dream. When someone invited her to Bill Krause’s church, Family Community Church, she went. She was drawn to Pastor Bill Krause’s confidence and knowledge. She joined his church and began growing in her faith. As well as helping her to grow in her faith, Adrienne’s pastor helped her to grow professionally as well. He challenged her to learn every angle of her profession—camera operation and editing—so she could empathize with every person on her crew. Being mentored in that way taught her the significance of passing on her knowledge to others. As Adrienne says, “Everyone needs a tour guide.” The mentoring that she received taught her to mentor others so that they, too, can learn how important it is to follow their dreams. Today, as a Partner with Kenneth Copeland Ministries, Adrienne has grown even more in her faith and in her understanding in the Word of God. “It’s a ripple effect for a whole new generation of people, and I get to benefit from it …I’m so thankful that I’m a part of the family and a part of this ministry,” she says. Watch this testimony to hear how Adrienne Bankert learned to follow her dreams. Let it inspire you to follow your dreams, too.