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Prophet T.B. Joshua (October 5, 2018) - PROPHECY ON AFRICAN POLITICS!  "Politics will not be business as usual..." On Sunday 22nd May 2016, Prophet T.B. Joshua gave a word of prophecy concerning the state of politics, especially in Africa. "Let me now come to the politics here. African leaders should quickly arrest the political situation. Politics will not be business as usual. You know, everybody wants to be a politician. You run to this because of money; you invest your money on it. It's not going to work like that - unless you are called to the job. When you are called, you cannot resist; you cannot say, "No". If God calls you, you cannot stop running. If it is your calling to run, you will find yourself running. You are not going to run because of money because of love for it, you are called for it. So, it's not business as usual. Whatever you spend in elections, it will only earn you good name; you cannot get any profit from it. If you collect money and expect to return it back, you cannot get it returned. So, therefore, it's not business again..."