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God Said This to Me About My Alcohol Addiction… -  Sid Roth's It's Supernatural! (October-09-2019). I was addicted to wine, beer, and other kinds of alcohol, but I didn't realize I was addicted. Then God said this to me about my addiction to alcohol...

THE DAY TB JOSHUA TOOK ALCOHOL FROM A PROSTITUTE. April 20, 2018. We guarantee you - the confession you are about to watch is unlike ANY you have ever heard before... Prepare to meet an agent of destruction and queen of seduction who finally found salvation. “The witchdoctor said I should sit in the front seat of the church, wearing a sexy dress... Once the 'pastor' sets his eyes on me, within fifteen minutes, he would call me out, pretend to give me a Bible quotation but actually give me his phone number… Whether he’s married or not, he must sleep with me that same day.”

Praise Report—Freed from Alcohol Addiction 7 Feb. 2018 - Joseph Prince. A personal revelation of God’s grace can break the chains of addiction. Hear how in this encouraging praise report. Joseph Prince: When we push the truth, we see life's transformed in fact. I have hear testimony of a lady from Virginia United States. Her name is Caroline. Let me read to you her testimony. I have been an alcoholic for 34 years.» That's a long time 34 years. Some people 20 years, They think that is a long time, already to be an alcoholic out, to be addicted to anything 34 years. “Although I was born again at the age of 17, that did not stop me from falling into Satan's trap of mental lies. I loved God in my heart, but my mind and body were not in agreement with me and I did not know why I felt like. I was drowning in a black mental and emotional pool condemnation». You see we think people like this you know and when they are in sin and they're in the cycle of addiction, and all that we think they don't care about God. They don't care about the things of God. They have no guilt and all that it's not true. She said that every time she binge, and she's in this cycle of defeat. She comes up with condemnation, she says that she was in bondage to alcohol for 34 years. She said, I love God in my heart but my mind and body were not in agreement.

“Once when I was recovering from the effects of an alcohol binge, I tuned in to a Christian television channel. God had led me to a sermon by Pastor Joseph Prince. Even though I was still feeling guilty over my last bout with alcohol. I found comfort in watching this broadcast. I have been a student of the Bible for many years, see born-again reading the Bible, but found not deliverance in the past the word grace to my religious years, and mine was just a pretty word used in beautiful church songs. Grace never had a fighting chance to free me, because religious preachers were condemning me for my sins. All the time there was a laundry list of never-ending do's and don'ts that. I knew in my alcoholic State I was unable to perform. But when I heard pastor Prince use the word grace on that dark lonely night over your broadcast. There was such an Enlightenment. Pastor Prince verified what that word man in God's kingdom and explained it it was never about me or my sins. When he push on Grace on being all about Jesus, there was when the light of Revelation turned on for me. My mind believed spirit knew and my physical body was relieved, because I had just heard the good news it was finished, just like when Jesus shouted from the wooden cross this alcoholic was a highly favored and deeply loved child of the Most High God. God in His great love for me has given me double for my trouble.»

Listen! I have now been sober for more than 16 months, Amen! 16 months insuring it took them some time before they know it works right. And it's good that you don't write to me India immediately. So that you know that the deliverance is permanent. So after 16 months she wrote this testimony. She said that by then «I left for young women to Christ and helped to baptize them in the sea. I've also written and published a book about addiction. Yes I am free because of Jesus and it is and shall always be about him thank you Pastor Prince.» Praise the Lord hallelujah. Isn't God good