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John MacArthur Ministries (January-29-2020) Bible Questions and Answers, Part 70

Joseph Prince (August-22-2019) Sermon: Answers For Dark Nights And Difficult Seasons.

God is always reaching out to you and working in your life—especially on dark nights and in difficult seasons. In this encouraging and faith-building message, Joseph Prince teaches from the lives of Abraham, Daniel, Solomon, and other heroes in the Bible who went through night seasons of their own...but were never alone. Learn how you can:

• Experience the Lord’s all-encompassing peace in your depression and anxiety.
• Get through sleepless nights and overcome overwhelming thoughts.
• Receive practical wisdom and guidance for every unsolvable situation.
• Catch a deeper revelation of God’s love for you as He turns your defeats into victories.

Beloved, don’t give up hope in your darkest seasons. What was meant for evil against you, the Lord will turn around for your good!

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