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Ravi Zacharias (July-06-2018) A Discovery of Christian Apologetics Update. The Zacharias Institute and Passion Global Institute partnered together in June for an event called A Discovery of Christian Apologetics.

Frank Turek (June-29-2018) How Can I Do Apologetics On Social Media? Offering some advice on how to do apologetics in social media.

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Frank Turek (June-18-2018) How to Encourage Apologists? Listen to some advice from Stuart McAllister on Christian apologetics.

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Ravi Zacharias (April-16-2018) RZIM Academy | Online Training in Apologetics. The RZIM Academy is an online training curriculum designed to help individuals become better equipped to give an answer to anyone who asks them to give a reason for the hope that they have in Jesus. RZIM speakers share their expertise in the form of recorded lectures which are thoughtfully planned and compiled as online apologetics courses.