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Rick Renner (October 27, 2018) - Why Would Anyone Claim To Be an Apostle if He Wasn’t? Paul endured many afflictions during his ministry, and many of them were a result of these false ministers who fiercely opposed him and constantly tried to displace his position of authority over the flock of God in the local churches. They wanted Paul out of the picture so they could usurp his place of prominence.

Rick Renner (October 25, 2018) - The Signs of a True Apostle. Those who have an apostolic call on their lives serve God on the front lines of His Kingdom, facing challenges and difficulties beyond what others might encounter. These individuals must forge their way and make significant inroads into the enemy’s territory. Therefore, miracles — those undeniable moments when God’s power intervenes in the natural course of events — are required and will always be evident in the lives of those whom God has called to be apostles.

Rick Renner (October 23, 2018) - The Historical Meaning of the Word ‘Apostle’. Historical definitions of the word apostolos shed light on the function of the apostle’s ministry.

Rick Renner (October 22, 2018) - What Is an Apostle? The Greek word for “apostle” is apostolos, which is a compound of the words apo and stello. The preposition apo means away, and the word stello means to send. When the two words are combined, they form the word apostolos, meaning one who is sent away.