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Christian Motivation - Armor Of God - Spiritual Warfare.

As the redeemed of the Kingdom of God located on earth, we find ourselves involved in an all-out war with the Opposing Kingdom Of Darkness. This war is presently being fought in the minds of humanity. The evil one has built up various strongholds in the minds of the individuals to keep them from receiving the Truth. Our God-given duty is to break down these mental strongholds and then bring people back into submission and obedience to Christ. We must ensure that we make adequate use of the necessary spiritual weapons with which God has given us. Our weapons fall into two categories: weapons of defense and weapons of attack.

SPIRITUAL WARFARE | Put on the Armor of God - Inspirational & Motivational Video. Speaker: John Hagee, Dr. Charles Stanley, Joyce Meyers, Priscilla Shirer. Whether we realize it or not, we are in a spiritual battle. Although spiritual warfare is unseen, it’s absolutely real. The Bible speaks of spiritual warfare in many places. Our best defense in this war is to remain close to Jesus and constantly use what He has given us. We must put on the full armor of God every day and be strong in the Lord and in His mighty power.

How to Put On the Armor of God - Devotional by Tony Evans. Putting on The Armor of God is not something we do by simply quoting from Ephesians 6. Each piece of armor represents a spiritual truth that we must put into practice through faith. Dr. Evans gives us the starting point as he discusses the importance of prayer for victory in spiritual warfare.