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Sermons on the topic: atheists

Do Atheists Believe in “One God Less”? Andy Bannister - Ravi Zacharias Ministries (June-29-2019). Andy Bannister answers this question in the Short Answers to Big Questions series.

Kent Hovind - Atheists have an irrational hatred for creationists? (May-13-2019)


Can atheists be moral? - Frank Turek (March-19-2019). The real question is whether you can justify morality without God.


Would you Believe Intelligent Design if Richard Dawkins said it to you? - A & Ω Productions (March-16-2019). One of the most high profile Atheists in the world Richard Dawkins says that there is a possibility that we came from an intelligent designer.. but only if it is not called God that is.


Do atheists contradict themselves on morality? - Frank Turek (March-13-2019). Here the reason for the moral inconsistency of some atheists.


Frank Turek (December-21-2018) The Mistake Atheists Make When Discussing Morality. Addressing some issues that causes confusion when addressing the problem of morality.


Dr. Kent Hovind- "Enter at Your Own Risk." 04.03.2018 Neh. 2 & 4, atheists try to stop the work of the Lord. 

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