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Charles Stanley (November-12-2019) Daily Devotion: The High Cost of Compromise.

We all think there are certain things we’d never do: I’d never cheat on my spouse, I’d never steal from an employer, I’d never betray a friend, etc. While uttering the words, we’re confident that we’d live up to them. What believers often don’t realize is that the journey from “I’d never” to “I did” is made up of small steps, each one a compromise.


Charles Stanley (November-11-2019) Daily Devotion: The Problem With Compromise. 

Compromise may be helpful for relationships, but it can hurt our spiritual journey. Bending God’s principles is risky.

For example, suppose a Christian man makes some new acquaintances, who don’t share his beliefs. Having grown up in the church, he has practically memorized Proverbs 13:20—“Walk with the wise and become wise, for a companion of fool...

Charles Stanley (November-10-2019) Daily Devotion: Bad News, Good News.

When it comes to salvation, it’s difficult to truly appreciate the good news until we understand the bad news of our spiritual condition—namely, we all come into this world dead in our transgressions and sins. In the Scriptures, there are different meanings for death. Physical death is what everyone experiences at the end of earthly life. Spiritual death is alienat...

Charles Stanley (November-09-2019) Daily Devotion: Wisdom in Times of Trouble.

When facing problems, we frequently try to figure out the solution ourselves. If we can patch it up, glue it down, or tape it together, we will attempt to do so. Other times, we may reach out to someone for advice even though we’re actually seeking sympathy and support to make ourselves feel better. What we really need to do in times of trouble is to call ou...

A God-Centered Message - Charles Stanley Weekly Saturday sermon (November-09-2019) In Touch Ministries.

In the book of Exodus, God revealed to Moses His plan for this son of Hebrew slaves to lead His people out of Egypt. The story teaches us that God equips us for whatever He calls us to do, and He remains at the center through every difficulty, providing, directing, strengthening, and empowering us.

Listen as Dr. Stanley prese...

Charles Stanley (November-08-2019) Daily Devotion: Praise for the Lamb.

Anyone who isn’t sure that Jesus is God and is worthy of worship should take a look at today’s passage. This heavenly scene opens with a dilemma—no one is found worthy to open the scroll in God’s right hand until the Lion of Judah, the root of David, appears as a Lamb standing as if slain.

This is none other than Jesus Christ, who offered Himself as a sacri...

Charles Stanley (November-07-2019) Daily Devotion: A Glimpse of Heavenly Praise.

When you sing praises to God, do you consider what you are saying? So often words like majestic, holy, glorious, and righteous roll off the tongue with barely a thought, yet these are terms that describe the very God we worship.

That’s why it is helpful for us to enter with the apostle John into the heavenly throne room to see the majesty of the Lo...

Charles Stanley (November-06-2019) Daily Devotion: Failing to Listen to God.

Today’s passage offers a picture of what can happen when believers don’t listen to God. Eve knew the Lord’s instructions so well that she repeated them almost verbatim to the serpent. However, pride and desire got the better of her, and she was deceived. Eve stopped listening to God and opened her ears to the wrong voice.

Think about how many voices we...

Charles Stanley (November-05-2019) Daily Devotion: Differing Convictions.

Although eating meat offered to idols is not a controversial subject today, 1 Corinthians 8 could cause us to wonder if God has double standards for Christian behavior. How can we reconcile differing convictions among believers?

First, we must acknowledge that some moral truths are evident to everyone. These are fixed and will not change, regardless of th...

Charles Stanley (November-04-2019) Daily Devotion: Guided by Conscience.

Human beings are born with a marvelous gift from God—a conscience. Since its warnings can cause discomfort, you perhaps have never thought of it as a blessing. But the Lord had our benefit and protection in mind when He created this internal witness to our moral conduct. By listening to its promptings, we are guarded from making choices that could hurt us or other...

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