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Chris Sermon (SCOAN) (January-08-2020) LOVE EVERYONE; TRUST ONLY GOD!

Have you ever been betrayed by someone you least expected, hurt by someone you helped or let down by someone you looked up to? If yes, this message is for you!

In this sermon at The SCOAN titled, 'Love Everyone; Trust Only God', join Brother Chris as you learn to not let your betrayal lead to bitterness or your disappointment result in discouragement. As you live by this simple principle in 2020 - to LOVE everyone but TRUST only God - nothing will shake your faith in God!

"When you leave a relationship embittered and resentful, you will enter into the next relationship with the same attitude." - TB Joshua

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Chris (Scoan) (December-18-2019) Sermon: LET YOUR CONSCIENCE BE YOUR GUIDE.

The best way to prepare for the New Year 2020 is take care of your spiritual life! Learn the importance of listening to your conscience and the danger of covering up your wrong in this sermon with Chris at The SCOAN titled, 'Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide'.

"This is how we know children of God: When we sin or attempt to do so, the Holy Spirit prompts our conscience to accuse us to repentance." - TB Joshua

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TB Joshua Ministries (November-14-2019) Chris Sermon - How To Be CALM In The STORM!!! | (SCOAN)

The presence of Jesus does not mean the absence of storms. The question is - how do you handle yours?

EVERYONE faces storms on their journey through life. In this sermon titled, 'Be Still (Even In The Storm)', learn how to find the quiet voice of counsel rather than listen to the panic of the moment! Open your heart to discover the secrets from God's Word to staying calm in the midst of your storm!

"Don’t listen to the temptation to act out of character or react badly to the emotional weight you are experiencing." - TB Joshua

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TB Joshua Ministries (October-22-2019) LISTEN TO THE SERMON OF YOUR LIFE!!! | Chris Sermon (SCOAN).

You have heard many sermons but the most effective message you can study is the sermon of your own life...

In this uncompromising, direct message at The SCOAN titled, 'Listen To The Sermon Of Your Life', Brother Chris calls for sober reflection and self-examination, stressing the lessons we learn from our journey in life are sufficient to know the importance of taking care of our hearts and surrendering wholly to God!

"If you give in to God, you won’t cave in to sin." - TB Joshua

Chris Sermon (SCOAN) September-04-2019 - RETURN to REALITY!

Is your life built upon the solid rock of God's Word or the sinking sands of fantasy???

Open your heart and get ready to be energised in your faith as you watch this practical sermon with Chris at The SCOAN simply titled, 'Return To Reality'.

"The character of a mature Christian is tested by his ability to face problems and deal with difficulties!" - T.B. Joshua

TB Joshua Ministries (August-07-2019) DON'T GET STUCK IN A STOP-OVER! - Chris Sermon (SCOAN).

On the journey of life, how do you handle your stop-overs? Because they are simply stepping stones to connect you to your destiny!

Learn how to deal with life's difficulties - by understanding the purpose they serve - in this sermon from Chris at The SCOAN titled, 'Don't Get Stuck In A Stop-Over'.

"If you are called by God, from beginning to the end, your journey has been documented. Nothing outside your documentary will happen without God’s knowledge." - T.B. Joshua

TB Joshua Ministries - DAMAGE CONTROL! - Chris Sermon (SCOAN) (July-16-2019).

"You will receive in a moment what you have been seeking for years the moment you LET GO of offence..."

Learn what damages the heart and the necessary steps to repair any damage done in this instructive sermon from The SCOAN with Brother Chris, aptly titled, 'Damage Control!' Only Jesus Christ is the Repairer and Restorer!

TB Joshua Ministries (May-21-2019) Chris Sermon: HOW TO APPROACH GOD IN PRAYER (SCOAN).

The wrong approach to prayer produces the wrong results. So how should one approach God in prayer?

Learn about four types of 'dangerous prayer' and the keys to avoid them in this incisive, instructive sermon titled 'How To Approach God In Prayer' from Brother Chris at The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN).

"Whenever you approach God in prayer, picture yourself..." - T.B. Joshua.

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Chris Sermon (SCOAN) (May-01-2019) DECLARE GOD'S FAITHFULNESS!

God has given EVERYONE plenty of evidence to believe in Him. Doubt comes when we fail to stop long enough to observe all the evidence...

In this faith-building word of encouragement titled, 'Declare God's Faithfulness', Brother Chris speaks on the importance of reviewing God's track record in your life and testifying to the goodness of God!

"When you review God's track record, you will grow confident that HE will work in your present situation." - T.B. Joshua


"Harbouring negative thoughts is like holding a bomb. Don't wait for it to explode before getting rid of it!!!"

Are you struggling with negative thinking or feel bound by negative emotions? In this practical sermon with Brother Chris, learn the secret of overcoming such negative thoughts and setting your heart on things above!

"Sin is caused by negative thoughts - engineered by the devil - which we entertain in our hearts." - T.B. Joshua

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