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Former New Age Practitioner Exposes Aliens, Demons, Spiritism and the Occult.

Jesus will set you free. I stumbled upon a very interesting interview that I want to shine a little light upon, this is a very interesting topic and I think more ppl should know about the things ...

TB Joshua Mass Prayer (January-22-2019) ANOINTED PRAYER TO CAST OUT DEMONS!

"Behind every pain, stagnation and affliction, there is a spirit. Every spirit troubling your life, business, career, family, marriage, relationship - LEAVE, in the name of Jesus Christ!" - T.B. Jo...

John Hagee (December-30-2018) Semon: Angels and Demons


John Hagee (November-24-2018) Sermon: Invasion of Demons.

America is under supernatural attack in the home, in our schools, in our churches and in our marriages. Pastor Hagee poses this question, “If Jesus Christ cast out demons during his ministry here on earth and comman...

Wednesday, 05 September 2018 15:02

T.D. Jakes (Sep 5, 2018) - Leaping Demons

T.D. Jakes, Silent Motivation (Sep 5, 2018) - Leaping Demons. Motivational Speech for 2018.


T.B. Joshua Ministries (Sep 5, 2018) - This Innocent Looking Man Controlled 999 DEMONS! Kelechi went from an itinerant preacher to an occultic master - because of his quest for power to perform miracles like T.B. Joshua... This short clip, taken from a Mass Prayer many years ...

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