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John Hagee (May-29-2019) Sermon: How Jesus Dealt with Demons. Pastor John Hagee says that earth is a battlefield where demonic forces come to rob, to kill and to destroy. But we are the Church triumphant! We have absolute power over the Prince of Darkness. Learn how to resist the Devil and he will flee from you. Demons are real, and they are powerful, but they cannot overcome the power given to you through the shed blood of Jesus Christ....

The Bible Project (May-23-2019) The Satan and Demons. The storyline of the Bible presents a populated spiritual world, full of creatures who are in rebellion against their Creator, just like humans. For lots of fascinating reasons, our modern conceptions of these spiritual rebels are based on serious misunderstandings of the Bible. So let’s go back to the book of Genesis and start over as we learn about the powers of spiritual evil in th...

TB Joshua Ministries (May-23-2019) Can DEMONS Use The BIBLE? A lady cries out that she is being tormented by a spirit that pushes her to excessively open the Bible, randomly consulting verses before taking any actions. Using God’s Word and wisdom, T.B. Joshua prays for and counsels her. Be blessed as you watch!


What EVERY Person NEED to know About DEMONS & SATAN - Francis Chan.

Some things that every person should know about our enemies. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Ephesians 6:12

Speaker: Francis Chan


Joyce Meyer (March-28-2019) Sermon: Demons Injecting Your Mind


Former New Age Practitioner Exposes Aliens, Demons, Spiritism and the Occult.

Jesus will set you free. I stumbled upon a very interesting interview that I want to shine a little light upon, this is a very interesting topic and I think more ppl should know about the things that this video speaks about.

Please also check out Steven Bancarz channel, He exposes the New Age movement with really interesting clips and interviews.


TB Joshua Mass Prayer (January-22-2019) ANOINTED PRAYER TO CAST OUT DEMONS!

"Behind every pain, stagnation and affliction, there is a spirit. Every spirit troubling your life, business, career, family, marriage, relationship - LEAVE, in the name of Jesus Christ!" - T.B. Joshua

If you are struggling with a situation beyond your control or troubled by a demonic spirit affecting your life, THIS PRAYER is for you!


John Hagee (December-30-2018) Semon: Angels and Demons


John Hagee (November-24-2018) Sermon: Invasion of Demons.

America is under supernatural attack in the home, in our schools, in our churches and in our marriages. Pastor Hagee poses this question, “If Jesus Christ cast out demons during his ministry here on earth and commanded the Church to cast out demons…why don’t we?”

Listen to examples of this invasion of the evil empire in our modern world and find out how you can guard you...

T.B. Joshua Ministries (Sep 5, 2018) - This Innocent Looking Man Controlled 999 DEMONS! Kelechi went from an itinerant preacher to an occultic master - because of his quest for power to perform miracles like T.B. Joshua... This short clip, taken from a Mass Prayer many years ago at The SCOAN, is filled with a valuable lesson about the danger in seeking the power of God rather than striving for relationship with God... "The main thing abou...

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