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The Master Key | Elevation Church | Pastor Paul Daugherty - Steven Furtick Ministries (September-09-2019) Sunday Sermon

The Missing Blessing | Elevation Church | Jonathan Josephs - Steven Furtick Ministries - Sunday Sermon September-02-2019

Will It Always Be This Way? - eStudies with Lysa TerKeurst, Episode 4 - Elevation Church (March-14-2019). Disappointment doesn’t have to be the end. Change may be on the way.  

God says you’re worth it. | eStudies with Lisa Harper | Episode 2 - Steven Furtick - Elevation Church (December-07-2018). God doesn’t measure value the same way we do –– and He says you’re worth it.

Pastor Steven Furtick (October-09-2018) Sermon: Are You Tired Of Fighting? - Elevation Church. What if you’re fighting against what you should be fighting for?

Steven Furtick Ministries, Elevation Church (Aug 23, 2018) - A Family Restored.  Is anxiety or depression taking control of your relationships?

Steven Furtick - Sunday Sermon: It's A No Go (July-30-2018) Elevation Church. When all you’ve heard is “no,” it’s still not over.

Steven Furtick(July-23-2018) Sunday Sermon: Choosing Your Chains - Elevation Church

Steven Furtick Ministries - Help Is On The Way (July-09-2018) Sunday Sermon. Waiting for help is never easy, but how you’re waiting could make all the difference.

New message from Elevation Church (July-02-2018) Stay Focused - Sunday Sermon. Our faith isn’t a product of what we see; it’s a product of what we focus on.

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