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Joyce Meyer (April-18-2019) Sermon: Ephesians 6 Bible Study – Part 2.

When you discover something that you dislike about yourself, you may actually be growing spiritually! Be uplifted and encouraged by Joyce's message today.


Joyce Meyer (April-16-2019) Sermon: Ephesians 2 Bible Study.

Not sure where you stand with God? Discover the incredible evidence of His love for you as it is written in Ephesians 2.


Joyce Meyer (April-15-2019) Sermon: Ephesians 1 Bible Study. God's Word is filled with wisdom for you to discover! Today, Joyce begins a chapter by chapter, verse by verse Bible study on the book of Ephesians.


Joyce Meyer (March-08-2019) Ephesians Bible Study - Part 5. Wish you had more self-control? Join Joyce in Ephesians 5 to learn why we make the choices we make, and how God helps us improve.


Joyce Meyer (March-07-2019) Ephesians Bible Study - Part 4. Join Joyce in Ephesians 4! You'll learn what it means to be "marked and branded" by God.


Joyce Meyer (March-06-2019) Ephesians Bible Study - Part 3. The Bible says that those who believe the Gospel are "sealed" with the Holy Spirit. Today, Joyce unpacks this and other life-changing truths from the book of Ephesians.


Ephesians Bible Study. Part 2 by Joyce Meyer (March-05-2019). God is good! Study the book of Ephesians with Joyce and learn how to trust Him completely, at all times and in all circumstances.

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