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This Amazing Power of the Holy Spirit Lives Inside of You - USE IT - Francis Chan


You Are Created In God's Image - Lion of Judah (January 22, 2019) Speakers: Derek Prince, E.V Hill, Ravi Zacharias, Francis Chan, Dr. David Jeremiah.


Christian & Singel, Desiring to get Married - Talking about Family, Divorce & God with Francis Chan (October-30-2018).

There is a new and widespread epidemic in our nation and even in our churches. It’s called the not-yet-married life.

Sure, there have alwa...

Ranking Celebs Heaven or Hell - Francis Chan. Ranking celebrties Heaven or Hell based on their lifestyle and works, Francis Chan comes with another of his illustrations


Jon Jorgenson (September-26-2018) Francis Chan's new book with "That Christian Vlogger"


The Power of God in You - Francis Chan Inspirational & Motivational Video (May-28-2018). The power of God, which created the universe and parted the sea, has been changing lives since the beginning of time. We are children of God and that same power lives within us.

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