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Dave and Ashley Willis, Marriage Today (October 8, 2018) - Are You Single in Public? The Naked Marriage Podcast. Between the workplace and the online world of social media, how can you safeguard your marriage from affairs and inappropriate relationships? Dave and Ashley Willis have practical answers on this episode of The Naked Marriage Podcast.

Jimmy Evans (October 6, 2018) - The Truths of Divine Healing. God cares about every problem and pain in your life. Some people have lived with hurt for so long that they have lost hope and it has become their identity. You can experience freedom and fulfillment.

Jimmy Evans (Oct 3, 2018) - How to Build a Safe Family. There are several important ways we are influenced when making decisions. Having the right response is critical. Jimmy Evans shares how to be a positive gatekeeper for you and your family.

Dave and Ashley Willis, Jimmy Evans Ministries ( Oct 1, 2018) - Let's Talk About Sex - The Naked Marriage Podcast - Episode 001. Even if you came from a dysfunctional family, you can build a stable family for generations. Jimmy Evans discusses the key principles of how you can build a family that lasts.

Jimmy Evans (Sep 7, 2018) - How to Overcome Infidelity. In this video, Jimmy Evans shares how to overcome infidelity. No matter what you've been through in your marriage, you can experience restoration.

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Jimmy Evans (Sep 5, 2018) - God's Purpose for Marriage

Jimmy Evans (Sep 5, 2018) - God's Purpose for Marriage

Jimmy Evans (September-05-2018) Sermon: The Spirit Filled Spouse. To become the type of spouse that God desires for us, He gives us characteristics that can complete and empower our spouse. When we are being a good spouse, we are acting in the nature of Christ and the Holy Spirit and are able to meet the needs of our spouse.

Jimmy Evans (Aug 30, 2018 ) - The Mission of MarriageToday. It's all about "MarriageToday" - Jimmy Evans Ministries. "We believe that every marriage has a 100% chance of success. Check out this video to hear more about the heart of MarriageToday and how we’re making it our goal to see that couples all over the world can have a healthy, thriving marriage."

Jimmy Evans (Aug 29, 2018) - The Dynamics of Blending Families - Marriage Today. Blended families have special challenges but they also have special joys. From discipline to the previous relationship, every blended family has dynamics that should be understood in order to succeed.

Jimmy Evans (August-27-2018) Sermon: How to Manage Money in Marriage. Money can be one of the greatest areas of tension in marriage. When we understand each other's financial perspective, we can manage money together so that it's a huge blessing to our relationship.

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