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Jimmy Evans (July-31-2018) Why Couples Really Fight. When people marry they bring fears into the relationship. Fear causes us to hurt and react to our spouse. Whether it's a fear of rejection or failure, fear keeps us from intimacy in marriage.


Jimmy Evans, MarriageToday (Jul 30, 2018)- How to Share Your Dreams and Desires. Discover why sex and spiritual intimacy are directly related. You can achieve a greater level of physical satisfaction when you and your spouse share spiritual closeness.


Jimmy Evans (Jul 30, 2018) – Redeemed Home – The Best Day of Your Life. 


Jimmy Evans (July-29-2018) What dose DNA have to do with creationism?


Jimmy Evans (July-22-2018) Sunday Message: How to Find the Right One. Jimmy Evans shares the secrets to successfully dating and finding a compatible mate. In order to find the right one, you’ve got to become the right one as you prepare for marriage.


Jimmy Evans Ministries (Jul 20, 2018) - Tim Ross - Marriage Advice from the Garden of Eden.  If Adam and Eve's relationship had been grounded in real love and respect, what would the world look like today? Check out this clip where Tim Ross breaks down what really went wrong in the Garden of Eden.

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