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Jimmy Evans (August-12-2018) Why We Marry Who We Marry. Jimmy Evans discusses two important decisions we make when looking for a spouse. When you understand what compatibility really means, your differences can bring harmony and peace to your relationship.

Jimmy Evans (August-08-2018) When Your Spouse Complains. When one spouse complains, typically the other becomes defensive. Learning to deal with complaints before they become destructive is critical to the success of every marriage.

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Jimmy Evans (August-07-2018) How to Daily Deal with Anger. Whether you have been married one day or fifty years, anger is inevitable. Even though it's easier said than done, daily disarming anger can become a fulfilling and essential part of your marriage.

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Pastor Jimmy Evans (August-06-2018) Redeemed Intimacy – Redeemed Intimacy

Jimmy Evans (August-05-2018) Why did God give us a choice? Pastor Jimmy Evans | Redeemed Intimacy

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Jimmy Evans (August-05-2018) The Battle for Control and Dominance. In marriage, it’s common for spouses to control or dominate each other. When we understand how dominance destroys intimacy, we can recapture the happiness and joy we experienced at the beginning.

Jimmy Evans Live at Gateway Church (August-04-2018) The Best Day of Your Life - S5 Event 1

Jimmy Evans (August-03-2018) What You're Worth to God. Do you know how precious you are to God? It's beyond comprehension. Check out this video for a reminder of how much you're worth, and what that means for your life.

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Jimmy Evans (July-31-2018) Why Couples Really Fight. When people marry they bring fears into the relationship. Fear causes us to hurt and react to our spouse. Whether it's a fear of rejection or failure, fear keeps us from intimacy in marriage.

Jimmy Evans, MarriageToday (Jul 30, 2018)- How to Share Your Dreams and Desires. Discover why sex and spiritual intimacy are directly related. You can achieve a greater level of physical satisfaction when you and your spouse share spiritual closeness.