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Kent Hovind - Atheists have an irrational hatred for creationists? (May-13-2019)


Dr. Kent Hovind - Questions & Comments - How to overcome lust? Romans 14:21? (May-03-2019). 


Kent Hovind - Questions & Comments - Trilobites? Genealogy (April-30-2019).

Friday, 19 April 2019 17:30

Kent Hovind - Live Q&A (April-19-2019)

WATCH - Kent Hovind - Live Q&A  (April-19-2019)


Comments & Questions - Mandatory Vaccines? Phylogeny Challenge! - Kent Hovind (April-11-2019)


New Creation Seminar Part 1 Ep 8 More ways the Earth is Not Billions of Years Old. - Kent Hovind (April-03-2019)


Dr. Kent Hovind - Testimonies (March-28-2019)


Kent Hovind - A&Q - Nephilim, Age of the universe and When is the Lord coming back? (March-25-2019)


WATCH - Kent Hovind - Answers and Questions (March-20-2019). 

Wednesday, 20 March 2019 19:42

Dr. Kent Hovind vs Tom Jump (March-20-2019)

WATCH - interesting discussion by Dr. Kent Hovind and Tom Jump (March-20-2019)

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