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Wednesday, 26 February 2020 12:27

Marriage -TD Jakes (February-26-2020)

TD Jakes (February-26-2020) Sermon: Marriage

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Matt & Kendal Hagee - Podcast: Relationships Part Four: Engagement & Marriage. Thank you for tuning in to the last episode of our relationship miniseries! We hope and pray that no matter what your current relationship status is, you were able to gain some practical insight and biblical direction for the relationships in your life. This week, we're finishing our miniseries by talking through the importance of engagement and marriage. As believers, we are mandated to model Christ's love for the church through daily sacrifice, selflessness, and by honoring one another through marriage. Whether you're in a single season or have been married for decades, we want to equip you with the wisdom for a successful marriage that ultimately honors God.

Jimmy Evans (February-03-2020) Sermon: Demystifying Marriage – The Four Laws of Love 

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Christian Motivation - Tell Them Before It's Too Late - How To Save A Marriage

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Don't File For Divorce, There is Hope for Your Marriage - Dave and Ashley Willis (January-15-2020).

Sexual Fantasies - Dave and Ashley Willis. Podcast (December-17-2019). On this episode of the Naked Marriage podcast, Dave and Ashley Willis tackle the provocative and often undiscussed topic of sexual fantasies within marriage. They address some common misconceptions about sexual fantasies, healthy and Biblical boundaries for sexual expression, and the God-given freedom couples should enjoy being creative and playful in the bedroom.

Dave and Ashely Willis (November-22-2019) Podcast: Warning Lights in Marriage. On this episode of The Naked Marriage podcast, Dave and Ashley discuss how marriage, just like a car, can have warning lights to show you that there could be a bigger problem. Learn how to watch for the warning signs in your marriage so it can continue to strengthen and grow.

Joyce Meyer (October-06-2019) Sunday Sermon: Marriage

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Thursday, 26 December 2019 12:22

Messiness in Marriage - Michael and Natalie Todd

Michael and Natalie Todd - Messiness in Marriage. 

In this behind the scenes interview, Michael and Natalie Todd talk about how being a Christian does not make you immune to the messiness life throws at you, your family, or your marriage. We serve a hopeful God that will still work a miracle in the midst of your mess.

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Jimmy Evans (September-24-2019) Sermon: Training Your Mouth for Marriage. “In this XO NOW clip, Jimmy Evans teaches us the impact our words have on our marriage. How well you communicate has a direct correlation to the success of your relationship. Your marriage will never rise above the level of your mouth.”

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