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End Time Prophetic Sign: When This Man Visits Western Wall in Jerusalem - Sid Roth's It's Supernatural! (September-20-2019). When this man visited the Western Wall in Jerusalem, Israel, he fulfilled a prophecy that signaled the beginning of the end times. You will be amazed as you watch!


Sid Roth's It's Supernatural! (September-18-2019) People with Cancer Walk Into This Special Room & the Cancer Is Cured… When people with incurable cancer enter this special room, their cancer is completely cured! Find out more about this special healing room and experience God's healing presence as you watch!


Sid Roth's It's Supernatural! (September-13-2019) A Car Accident Left Her Crippled. But What Happened Next Will Blow You Away! A car accident left Gari DiStefano crippled. But what happened next will blow you away! It is nothing short of supernatural, and it's something only our supernatural God could do!


That Moment When an Angel Came & Stood on Our Bed… - Sid Roth's it's supernatural! Sunday Show September-15-2019.

Ben and Jodie Hughes were asleep in their bed when an angel came and stood on their bed. Watch what the angel did next! Your faith for the supernatural of God will soar as you watch.

Australia’s Ben and Jodie Hughes want you to know that you were created for God encounters. Big encounters. Who wants less?


Sid Roth's It's Supernatural! (September-11-2019) Jesus Appeared to Me & I Didn’t Know Who He Was… Jesus appeared to Sophie, but she didn't know who He was. Watch what God did to open her eyes to who Jesus truly is. As you listen to Sophie's amazing experience with God's supernatural presence, expect more of God in your life.


Sid Roth's It's Supernatural! (September-06-2019) Are You Asking “When Will My Healing Come?” Watch This Video… Are you asking the question: "When will my healing come?" Watch this video with Sid Roth, and discover important keys and truths for you to receive your healing breakthrough.


Don’t Let This Happen to You When You Get to Heaven… -Sid Roth's it's supernatural! Sunday Show September-08-2019.

You don't want this to happen to you when you get to Heaven! It could be your biggest regret! Join Sid Roth and Dr. Clarice Fluitt as they unfold revelation God gave to Clarice concerning your future!

Dr. Clarice Fluitt says you can create a partnership with God that will transform you into an unstoppable champion....

Sid Roth's It's Supernatural! (September-05-2019) Sid Roth LIVE: Angelic Encounters & the Last Days | Prophetic Glory Outpouring.

Join me September 5 at 5 pm ET for a special Sid Roth LIVE event—Prophetic Glory Outpouring featuring Paul Keith Davis, Rich Vera and Tracy Cooke! I expect many who view this live show will receive their miracles! Don't miss a moment of this show when you watch here on our YouTube channel.


Sid Roth's It's Supernatural! (September-04-2019) Amazing! These Jews, Hidden in Plain Sight, Are Fulfilling This End Times Prophecy!  There are millions of Jews hidden in plain sight throughout the world. These Jews are fulfilling an End Times prophecy from the Old Testament. Find out about these secret Jews and discover their amazing connection to Last Days prophecy!


Sid Roth's It's Supernatural! (August-30-2019) Are You Bored With Church? Watch This Video! Are you bored with church? Cal Pierce was bored with church, until God revealed to him what he was doing wrong. Find out the paradigm-shifting revelation that God showed Cal Pierce!

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