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TB Joshua Answers Question On FACE MASKS! (May-28-2020).

Prophet TB Joshua was sent an important question concerning the wearing of face masks. Be blessed as you listen to his response to this topic in the light of current events.

QUESTION: My elderly mum and dad have started wearing their face masks permanently because of fear of contracting COVID-19 and only removing them when they want to eat because they need to use their mouth to eat. I am concerned this can be dangerous. How can I advise them?

ANSWER: Following global health guidelines during this period of COVID-19, the government is insisting on the use of face masks in public places - along with social distancing and handwashing. Face masks can be a very good thing but they can also be dangerous when they are not used properly or when they are not made with the proper material.

The government has asked you to wear face masks when you are in public places, in the midst of people, on the streets, in vehicles when you are not alone. The government is doing this to help you. They are not asking you to wear it 24 hours a day. There should be a time at home when you remove it. But some people are wearing their face masks for long periods of time. Breathing the same air in and out or not getting enough air while breathing - all of this can affect your health, cause headaches, fatigue and worsen existing health challenges.

So let us be careful of the amount of time we wear the face mask and also of the kind of material our face masks are made out of. For many, the chemicals used to make such material can be dangerous to inhale. NOTE: The face mask is your personal mask. It should be clean and made of proper material. This requires your discretion, viewers.

Right now, let us pray. Whatever is affecting your discretion - reason well, in the name of Jesus Christ! Reason according to God's direction, in the name of Jesus Christ! Reason in line with God, in Jesus' name! Viewers, sometimes hardship can influence our reasoning. Sometimes joblessness can influence our reasoning. Sometimes fear can influence our reasoning. Sometimes pressure can influence our reasoning. Right now, begin to reason well, in the name of Jesus! Begin to reason in line with God, in the name of Jesus! Begin to do the right thing, in Jesus' name! Do the right thing, in Jesus' name! In Jesus’ name we pray!

We would like to use this time to salute our governor of Lagos State, Governor Sanwo-Olu. Indeed, he’s one of a kind. If you look at his activity at this critical time, it can be compared to the New York governor who is always on the national news to update the general public and to educate them. Our governor wants to see his people and he wants to see them living well. We pray God will increase his capacity to do more, in Jesus’ name!

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THROWBACK: International Pastors Share Experiences At The SCOAN! - TB Joshua Ministries (May-27-2020).

THIS HAPPENED After We Gave The KEY OF OUR CITY To TB Joshua! (May-26-2020).

Ever since the key of the city of Barranquilla, Colombia was given to Prophet TB Joshua in Lagos, Nigeria, the city has experienced uncommon breakthrough, protection and progress. Here is the faith-building testimony of Pastor Jorge Freyle and Dr Juan García, the former Mayor of the city - which is the fourth largest in the South American nation of Colombia.

"Whoever receives a prophet because he is a prophet will receive a prophet’s reward." (Matthew 10:41)

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TB Joshua Prophetic Declaration & Viewers Prayer (May-25-2020) I SPEAK LIFE!

Receive your freedom as you join by faith in this prophetic declaration and prayer from Prophet TB Joshua for your life, health, career, marriage, family and finances - in the mighty name of Jesus Christ!

"Begin to speak to the area where there is discomfort, pain and prophetically declare healing! Prophetically declare deliverance! Prophetically declare blessing! Prophetically declare freedom! Freedom to your system, in the name of Jesus Christ! Freedom to your organs, in the name of Jesus Christ! Freedom to your business, in the name of Jesus Christ! Freedom to your career, in the name of Jesus Christ! Whatever is in bondage - freedom! Be free, in the name of Jesus Christ! In Jesus Christ’s name we pray!" - TB Joshua

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HOW CAN GOD'S WORD WORK THROUGH YOU? - T.B. Joshua (May-24-2020). How can the Word of God work through you? How do you say, 'Be healed' and there will be healing? How do you resist sin? How do we compare meditation to reading and committing the Word to memory? Receive answers to these important questions that will help develop your spiritual life in this enlightening question and answer session with Prophet TB Joshua from the Emmanuel TV Studios. "The more the Word of God we inwardly receive, the more we resist sin." - TB Joshua

HOW I ENDURE PERSECUTION! - T.B. Joshua (May-22-2020). Prophet TB Joshua is a ‘professor’ when it comes to persecution, slanderous remarks and campaigns of calumny. So, where does the strength come from to endure such vicious attacks and unfounded rumours - without responding or retaliating? In this illuminating message titled, ‘Works Of Faith Part 3’, prepare to learn some practical principles of faith that will surely strengthen your desire and determination to serve Jesus Christ! "The thing that keeps us from despairing is not what we see but what we believe." - TB Joshua

TB JOSHUA'S $30,000 SUPPORT TO GALILEE MEDICAL CENTRE, ISRAEL! (May-21-2020). Emmanuel TV is committed to reaching out in compassion and generosity to the four corners of the globe with humanitarian support, most especially during the coronavirus outbreak... In the nation of Israel, TB Joshua supported the Galilee Medical Centre - the largest hospital in the Galilee region of Northern Israel, serving a diverse population of different religions and sectors - Jews, Christians, Muslims and Druze - with 100,000ILS ($30,000). Receiving the support, Dr Masad Barhoum, the director of the Medical Centre, thanked Prophet TB Joshua, saying: "Every shekel we receive helps us combat COVID-19. Thankfully, there are organisations like yours that are helping us during this difficult time." "'A true Christian is known by his love." - TB Joshua

DISTANCE IS NOT A BARRIER! - T.B. Joshua Ministries (May-20-2020). Distance is NOT a barrier to the Holy Spirit! Join a young man from Zambia to rejoice as he shares his testimony of healing from a terrible affliction - just by praying along with Prophet TB Joshua on Emmanuel TV... Also included are several more testimonies by email from viewers who experienced God's healing power and protection in relation to the pandemic currently affecting the world. Remember, the prayers offered by Prophet TB Joshua on Emmanuel TV are not time-bound. Anytime you hear them, the power, presence and grace of God is maintained! "Touching the screen of Emmanuel TV has to do with the state of your heart. If you touch for ‘touching sake’, nothing will happen. But if you really mean to touch for the salvation of your soul, you will receive! Just like reading the Bible has to do with the state of your heart. If your heart is not at its best, you are just reading literature. Literature is the letter. Therefore, let your heart be at its best for God because a believer’s heart is the prayer room." - TB Joshua


Be inspired in your love-walk as you join Emmanuel TV Partners in Cape Town, South Africa for a touching humanitarian outreach to elderly, vulnerable and physically challenged citizens, many of whom are facing harsh realities of life due to the economic backlash of the coronavirus lockdown.

"Remember, whatever is in your hand now is a solution to someone else in need. As a true Christian, you should see giving as an assignment from God. When you see whatever you do in this way, you cannot afford to fail God." - TB Joshua

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TB Joshua (May-18-2020) Message: HOW TO OVERCOME COVID-19!!! | A Strategy To Silence The Noise...

How do we overcome coronavirus? Learn the strategy to silence the noise of the devil in this interactive question and answer session from the Emmanuel TV Studios, coupled with prayer for viewers and a word of encouragement for Emmanuel TV Partners!

"Whatever way COVID-19 affects you – I release you, in the name of Jesus Christ!" - TB Joshua

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