Sermons by Toure & Sarah Jakes Roberts 2022

Watch Sunday Service with Toure & Sarah Jakes Roberts Live Stream September 25 2022 Did you know that it is now easier than ever to get connected to Jesus Everyday? Did you also know that the Spirit of God is changing lives even on social media? Well, the move of…

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Sermons by Toure & Sarah Jakes Roberts 2022


Did you ever wonder what it means to have life? Have you ever wonder what the purpose of your existence is? Have you ever asked yourself about life after death and what it will be like? Well, I have asked myself these questions time and time again until I finally found the answers. Did you notice that, the existence of some things on earth depend on the very things that contain them?

The fishes of the sea were created out of the sea by God and made to live in the sea. When you take them out of the sea, their existence comes to an end. The plants were created out of the soil and so, they are also rooted deep down in the soil. If you pull them out of the soil, they also ceases to exist. So is man. The Bible said God created man in His image and after His likeness. This means that, God is the source of Man’s existence and that man can of himself do nothing except He be strengthen from above. I finally accepted that, Christ is the answer to all.

Sarah Jakes Robert is an American author, motivational speaker, wife, and mother of four children. She has a knack for encouraging women to go through tough times in their lives while strengthening their relationship with God. Roberts is popular and loved among a lot of people for doing it her way. She is married to Toure Roberts’. Toure Roberts is the author of Purpose Awakening and Wholeness. And together, the two of them are taking the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to another level by spreading it. Toure and Sarah Jakes Roberts have reveal the mind of God in life changing sermons and are still delivering sermons for the growth of the Church. Sermons are God’s way of speaking to us. Jesus Christ in his days delivered sermons to as many people as possible. Sarah Jakes Robert and Toure are both use by God in our days to reveal the mind of God to us through their sermons and preaching.


We like to believe we’re in charge of our life, but when trouble inevitably comes our way, we’re reminded that’s not true. Yet even in times of difficulty we quickly try to regain control. In an attempt to put all the pieces back together, we may resort to manipulating circumstances or people, devising strategies, or using our own efforts to fix matters. The sermons by Sarah Jakes and Toure are here to help you walk through the storms of life. Billions of people who love the Lord and are dedicated to listening and watching Sermons by Sarah Jakes and Pastor Toure, are living their lives without any regrets because, they have had an encounter with the Lord through the sermons. Join the entire Church and Pastor Sarah Jakes and Toure Robert in every giving opportunity to listen to their Sermons and Teaching for a change of heart and spiritual growth.


The scriptures said “in him was life and the life became the light of me”. One who searches for God, search for life eternally. To understand God, you must understand his word and His word is His identity. You may be asking how to have access to the sermons and teachings by the Toure and Sarah Jakes Robert. Well, we are right here for you. We bring every sermon and Teaching by the couple right to you in every corner of this world. Think about your response when you are powerless to change a bad situation. Do you blame God or praise Him? Do you submit to whatever He allows or try to find your own way out of it? Or are you like Nebuchadnezzar, whose life was transformed by increased understanding and reverence for the Lord? Right here on, the word of God is our focus and sermons help us to grow. Join Pastor Toure and Sarah Jakes Robert every now and then to encounter the supernatural.

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