Toure & Sarah Jakes Roberts Live Stream - Join us for Sunday Service (December-06-2020)

Sunday, 06 December 2020 16:04

Join Sunday Service with Toure & Sarah Jakes Roberts, Live Stream (December-06-2020).

Did you know that it is now easier than ever to get connected to Jesus Everyday? Did you also know that the Spirit of God is changing lives even on social media? Well, the move of God has taken another dimension in our present time and God almighty is reach out to the unsaved and making disciples all over the world even through this live online streaming. Toure and Sarah Jakes Roberts are one couple that Loves God and has a deeper passion to make God know to others all over the world be dedicating time and resources to preach the Gospel online. Toure and Sarah Jakes Roberts are called of God as it is evidence by the life changing sermons and teachings that they deliver on Sundays. All these sermons and teachings are also brought to you for live streaming online at a free cost.

Join Toure & Sarah Jakes Roberts on Sunday right here to live stream Sunday service by them. As you join Toure & Sarah Jakes Roberts Sunday service life stream, You can pray with Toure and Sarah Jakes Roberts, the Spirit of God gives you guide on how to come out of that thing you have long struggled with, you hope is born again and your life becomes a sign and a wonder. Join Toure and Sarah Jakes Roberts now and every Sunday right here and get in touch with the message of Salvation, Restoration, Hope and Love. Your relationship is also built as you watch and stream live Sunday services with Pastor Toure Roberts and Sarah Jakes Roberts. 

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Toure & Sarah Jakes Roberts Live Stream - Join us for Sunday Service (December-06-2020)
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